Red potatoes and apples au gratin aromatisée

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven 

Sweet potato, red Andes potato , apple, gourd and onion au gratin

. Boil potatoes in water with ginger root, cassia, salt and cardamom pods first,

remove water, add minced meat and other veggies, apples, sautée.

Fill into ceramic baking dish, add cinnamon, paprika, rosemary, dried mango powder , maple syrup, lemon juice and perilla flowers, cover partly with cheese, and

bake on gratin program.

Bon  appétit !

Bon appétit !


Earthquake food: Yoghurt dinner with Bailey’s

Yoghurt dinner in grateful memory of the news about the grandmother and her 16 year old grandson found trapped in their kitchen after a week, after surviving on yoghurt for a week.  Yoghurt is good for us because calcium calms the jarred, tired nerves , and I have been told it contains iodine counteracting radioactive damage. This is Yoghurt, mascarpone, cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raisins, chestnuts, chocolate and cheese. Accompanied by a generous glass of Baileys. Comfort food for badly rattled Ceftali and her son.

Spicy veggie winter stew with chicken


2 inches of fresh ginger root, cut into small pieces

1 tsp of cardamom pods

1tsp of cloves

1 tbl sp of flat cinnamon bark pieces  (fold into a coffee filter paper, as may be inedible), available at halal shop

1 tbl spoon of dried chopped chili peppers

1/2 tsp of turmeric

1/4 tsp of cumin

1 tbl spoon of dried pomegranate seeds (halal shop)

1 sweet potato, cut into thick slices

1-2 carrots, cut into thick slices

1 inch thick slice of pumpkin, cut into pieces

about 250 g of chicken breast without skin, largely diced

1 handful of mushrooms (shiitake etc), sliced

6 inches of leek, sliced

2 small maggi bouillon cubes

3 tbl sp of olive oil

3 tbl spoons of honey

about 600ml of boiling water

2-3 tbl spoon of chopped chives

grate and mix all the spices together in a mortar

Heat oil in a saucepanadd spices, lower heat, stir til fragrance is released

add chicken and leeks, brown slightly

add mushrooms, brown add other veggies except chives and cinnamon in filter, stir,

add honey, stir

 add 600ml of water you have heated in the meantime, til filled up to just under top of veggies, add bouillon cubes, cook slowly on small flame, stir occasionally

when pumpkin and sweet potato start to dissolve, this is the way the stew will thicken, a bit like curry.

adjust taste with spices (easier to use powdered spices for this)

remove cinnamon

add chives, mix, turn off heat.

Serve with an hors d’heuvre of scampi, turned in salt and dill and deep fried, covered in more dill, with a mayonnaise-yoghurt-turmeric  dip on the side

My new tajine

I am still experimenting, will post the recipes later.

Winter veggie stew with an exotic touch

1/2 of a small pumpkin
1 medium size sweet potato
1 onion
1 carrot
2 shiitake or other brown mushrooms
2inches of ginger root
2 inches of turneric root
1 dry small chili pepper
1/2 tea spoon of cloves
2 tbl spoons of honey
a piece of bacon (1x2x1/2 inches)

1 tbl spoons olive oil
1 tbl spoon sesame oil
1 cube of bouillon

cut all the veggies into thick slices, quarter the onion and cut
heat both oils together in a pot, add onions, brown them, add veggies, cook on low flame for 5-10 min., add 2 inches of water, cook slowly, add salt, ginger slices and turmeric slices and chili and cloves, honey, and bouillon, cook another 10 min.
cut bacon into cubes or slices, brown in a frying pan, add to stew, cook another few minutes, serve

Vitamin dinner for a winter day

A colourful dinner that contains several power foods

1 chicken breast, diced (use 1.5-2 for 2 persons)
a handful each of broccoli and cauliflower florets
1 yuzu (or half a lemon or some other aromatic citrus fruit)
3-5 dried chili peppers, seeds removed
6 shishitou peppers (or fresh peperoni or some such)
fresh parsley
3 Japanese salt plums
3 radishes
3 inches of celery stick, sliced
sesame oil
olive oil
blueberry vinegar or balsamico or apple vinegar

Sautee diced chicken breast with shishitou peppers and broccoli florets in a wok, using sesame oil. Rip dried chili peppers into 2-3 sections and add, stir. Slice yuzu, add, stir. Add salt, small amount of olive oil, sprinkle with honey, stir, cook slowly for a little longer, til a bit of sauce forms from honey, yuzu, oil and juices. Put cresson on top.

Prepare a bowl of salad from cauliflower florets, sliced radish, celery, chopped salt plum, parsley bits and cresson. Add dressing from olive oil, salt and vinegar.

Add slices of baguette to the meal, serve. Enjoy! Very light, warming and refreshing.

Japonesque autumn dinner, a symphony of tastes

two slices cut from a smallish pumpkin
one carrot
one onion
1/2 sweet potatoe
1/2 eggplant
1-2 shiitake mushrooms
1 perilla leaf
1 sprig of chrysanthemum leaves
1 pinch of mitsuba (Japanese flat parsley- like green)
6 shishitou peppers (small Japanese chili-like peppers)
radish sprouts and red cabbage sprouts, one pinch each
3 prawns in shell
1 tbsp sour cream
1 tblsp.butter
1 tblsp. olive oil
1 cube of chicken consomme’
deep frying oil
3 tblsp. flour
dried bread crumbs
ponzu (Japanese citrus vinegar) soy sauce, one lemon cut

clean and cut all the vegetables, cut onion into quarters, heat butter in a saucepan, add onion, brown slightly, add sweet potatoe, pumpkin, carrot, , sautee for about 5 minutes then add 2 inches of hot water and the chicken consomme, simmer on small flame, add cinnamon and nutmeg, simmer til veggies are soft. Stir in 1 tbsp of sour cream. This will mix with the melted sweet potatoe and pumpkin to an orange creamy sauce with a wonderful aroma. Cut chrysanthemum leaves and add to veggies. Add mitsuba leaves. Stir, set aside.

cut eggplant lengthwise, then add 3-4 cuts to the halves vertically to make them flare out (see Japanese tempura), leaving the bud on. Separate head and stem of the mushroom(s).
mix flour and water, turn eggplant , shiitake, shishitou, perilla leaf, prawns in there, then turn in dry bread crumbs til covered on both sides.
heat oil in fryer, deep fry in several servings til golden brown, fry the prawns last so the vegetables do not take on the prawn taste.
make a dipping sauce from ponzu, soy sauce, lemon juice and hot water in a small bowl for the fried eggplant

Arrange pumpkin stew and tempura on a plate, sprinkle with the two kinds of sprouts. Serve with tempura dipping bowl on the side.

All the different vegetable flavours and the prawns will become a symphony of tastes and aromas.